Please note that effective immediately, if your Wisco Dental Insurance policy expires and a new policy is not purchased prior to expiration, there will be a 3 month waiting period for some dental procedures.

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Savings Plans

Savings Plans

Our Savings Plan is for people who are currently without dental coverage. It is a cost-effective dental coverage plan.

The Savings Plan will give both the individual and families excellent access to the highest quality of dental care.

Benefits of Our Savings Plan

  • No annual maximums
  • No waiting period
  • No pre-existing clauses
  • No restrictions on cosmetic dental services
  • No deductible

Savings Plans Annual Premiums

Plan NameRegularSmart Patient
Individual Plus One$139/year $/year

Examples of how the Savings Plans saves you out-of-pocket expense:

Examples of Procedures Approx. U&C Fee 2020 WiscoCare Member Pays YOU SAVE
Adult New Patient Oral Exam, X-rays, Cleaning $396 $158 60%
Child New Patient Oral Exam, X-rays, Cleaning, and Fluoride Treatment $304 $122 60%
Limited Oral Exam $96 $82 15%
Preventative (Adult) Teeth Cleaning $107 $91 15%
Restorative Fillings
Two Surface Resin
$280 $238 15%
$1415 $1203 15%
Ceramic/Nonprecious Metal
$1415 $1203 15%
Full Dentures
$2019 $1716 15%
Oral Surgery*
Extractions of Erupted Tooth
$209 $178 15%
Root Canal Therapy Anterior
$975 $829 15%
Scaling & Root Planing per Quadrant
$314 $267 15%
Dental Implants 15%
All Additional Dental Treatments Not Listed 15%
* Does not duplicate medical coverage

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Effective July 1, 2020